Collaborative Work: Pasquale Verdicchio and Giovanni d'Agostino

...Giovanni d'Agostino and I met during the course of his 1999 exhibition at the G7 Gallery in Via Val d'Aposa 7. Right away his thoughts on art and writing intrigued me ... we began to frequent each other and to continue our dialogue on the issues surrounding our interests in each other's work...the page below is from a series of "letters" that we traded...I would write something and then pass it on to Giovanni who would either comment on my writing or go on from it or off on his own...he would then hand the sheaf back to me and I would do the same...this was a way for us to get to know each other's thoughts and how we might respond to each other outside of verbal dialogue... from there we took on other ways of interacting and began to produce work that might be called "visual" but which actually falls somewhere in between the visual and the written and that is related to both fields of vision and modes of action...

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