PORTO DEI SANTI is located in the hills outside of Bologna toward Tuscany. It is a workshop/residency for artists and writers organized by Gianni Curreli and Alessandro Seu. Among those who have been invited to work there are Anne Waldman, John Giorno, Giovanni D'Agostino, James Koller and Antonio D'Alfonso. I spent two days there in early September with Antonio D'Alfonso. We both found it rather productive. Antonio was able to write a series of sonnets and I produced drawings and a couple of sculptures. The residence aims to produce a publication from each visitor... a small hand-made book...and to publish an anthology by the end of 2000. Porto dei Santi has also been collaborating with me in setting up readings and presentations at the UC Study Center in Bologna. The photos are of readings at UC Study Center and the residence at Porto dei Santi.


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