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Lightzoophoto:Considering Photography.

Born in Naples, Italy, in 1954, 
Pasquale Verdicchio has lived in 
Vancouver and Victoria, British 
Columbia, Los Angeles, and now resides 
in San Diego.  His poetry, reviews, 
criticism, photography and scholarly 
articles have appeared in journals 
and reviews in Canada, the US, 
and Europe; among them are Canadian 
Literature, Sulfur, Testuale, 
Viceversa, Differentia, and West 
Coast Line.  He is considered 
a leading translator of the work 
of major Italian poets such as 
Antonio Porta, Andrea Zanzotto, 
Pier Paolo Pasolini, Giorgio Caproni, 
and Alda Merini.  His critical 
writings concern Italian North 
American culture and contemporary 
Italian culture.  He is a founding 
member of the Association of Italian
Canadian Writers and was president of 
the same for two terms, from 1994-1996 and
from 1996-1998.  He is a professor
in the Department of Literature at 
the University of California, San Diego,
where from 1996 to 1998 he was Head of the 
Writing Program. Currently, he is Director
of the University of California Education
Abroad Study Centers in Italy and resides
in Bologna, Italy.
His current address there is
c/o U of California Study Center
Via Val D'Aposa 7
40123 Bologna

Selected Recent Awards:

UCSD Senate Research Grant, 1998
Foundation for Italian Culture,
Educator of the Year, 1995
California Arts Council 
Artists Fellowship, 1993
MacDowell Colony Residency 
Fellowship, 1990
Witter Bynner Poetry Foundation 
Fellowship, 1990

PORTO DEI SANTI:PhotosPorto dei Santi Residence, May 1999
BIENNALE VENEZIAPhotos from Venice Biennale Reading, September 1999
COLLABORATIONSCollaborative Work


Forthcoming 1 The Holy Land. Poetry by Alda Merini. Translated by Stephanie Jed and Pasquale Verdicchio. (Guernica Editions) 2 The House is Past: Collected Poems 1978-1998. (Guernica Editions) 3 Le Paysage Fuyant. Un choix de poèmes traduits par Antonio D'Alfonso. (Le Noroit) Poetry: 1 Approaches to Absence (Montreal: Guernica, 1994) 2 The Posthumous Poet. (Los Angeles: Jahbone Press, 1993) 3 Isthmus. (Los Angeles: Littoral Editions, 1991) 4 Nomadic Trajectory. (Montreal: Guernica Editions, 1990) 5 A Critical Geography. (San Diego: Parentheses, 1990) 6 Ipsissima verba. (San Diego: Parentheses, 1986) 7 Moving Landscape. (Montreal: Guernica Editions, 1985) Critical Works/Essays: 1 Bound by Distance: Rethinking Nationalism through the Italian Diaspora (Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1998) 2 Devils in Paradise: Writings on Postemigrant Culture (Guernica, 1998) 3 Duologue: On Culture and Identity. With Antonio D'Alfonso. (Guernica, 1999)
These and other books can be ordered through Amazon Books @ GUERNICA EDITIONS SITE
Translations: 1 The Savage Father. Pier Paolo Pasolini. w/ Afterword. (Guernica, 1999) 2 Metropolis. Antonio Porta. (Los Angeles: Green Integer, 1999) 3 A Desperate Vitality. Pier Paolo Pasolini. (San Diego: Parentheses, 1996) 4 A Rage of Love. Alda Merini. (Montreal: Guernica, 1996) 5 Salomè. Antonio Porta. (San Diego: Parentheses, 1996) 6 The Southern Question. Antonio Gramsci. With intro and notes. (Chicago: Bordighera, 1995) 7 The Wall of the Earth. Giorgio Caproni. (Montreal: Guernica, 1992) 8 Seventeen Variations. Emilio Villa. (San Diego: Parentheses, 1991) 9 Tropes, monsters, and poetic transformations. G. Vico (Parentheses, 1990) 10 Futurism and Advertising. Fortunato Depero. (Parentheses, 1989) 11 Cosmogony of an Event. Francesco Mangone. (Parentheses, 1988) 12 Foresta ultra naturam. Emilio Villa. (San Francisco: Red Hill Press, 1988) 13 Passenger. Antonio Porta. (Guernica: 1986) 14 Invasions. Antonio Porta. (Red Hill Press: 1985)

Bibliography 1985-1999

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"Pasolini's The Savage Father: Colonialism as a 'structure that wants to be another structure' " In The Savage Father, by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Toronto: Guernica, 1999. ESSAY

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