ZANZOTTO / Fosfeni

Andrea Zanzotto

from Fosfeni (Milano: Mondadori, 1990) translated by Pasquale Verdicchio Squaring-off the page This is how it happens, like this pedaling - pedal on the edge on the lip on the corner while pebbles intervene and shadows too fluttering from the aspen and valued green by green Pedal, foot against foot and leg against leg, bone, pedaling, entangles tarsus and shins Falls of butterflies sponsor you, at the encounter in counter direction proceed pedal and press and breathless worse than during birth among bright birthings of suns like butterflies and among birthings of butterflies soft comments Pedal and press like inside a large grape and bend over all the grapes in front of you, mundane, make-over fidelity Recover recover and give prize, is at a premium beyond the anxieties and carnality: elsely press sweet from sour from lucrative thefts Pedal without trilling that no-one the jumping flight on the gravel among butterflies will impede anyone The squaring-off of the page has begun - by kicks well pedaled.


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