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"Shrine, Napoli" A lot of shrines of this sort are to be found along the streets of Napoli. Everyone has their saint protector. This is a night shot near Spaccanapoli. "Decollage Portrait, Venezia" Night after night, the men and women who put up these advertising posters around the streets of Italy contribute to this continuing art form that produces ephemeral pieces such as this one found near Campo Santa Margherita, Venezia. "Broken Heart, Napoli" Along with the many shrines, grafitti of all sorts decorates every wall and surface of the city of Napoli as it does other Italian cities. Some is political in nature, other is more personal. "Starstuck, Napoli" A left-over decoration from Christmas? Or some sort of warning of an incoming comet? This one was taken on a warm May night. "Churchistory, Napoli" Of the apparently thousands of churches one finds in Napoli, many are closed. This is one I have only seen open sporadically. A SERIES OF RECENT NIGHT SHOTS "Siena Dog, Siena" "Kamari Night, Santorini" "Kamari Eats, Santorini" "Kamari Night-Trees, Santorini" "Eerie Eats, Kamari"

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